Here Are the Purse Types That You Need in Your Collection!


Contrary to popular belief, handbags do more than just help people bring their must-haves. In truth, they are rather powerful accessories, and picking the right one can create a bold style statement. The right purse can even make a huge difference in terms of whether a look is tied together neatly or not.

This is why, much like a pair of shoes, a single handbag usually isn't enough. Every single one of them can dress your outfit up or down, sharing your unique fashion style with the world.

Here are  purse types that you need in your collection:

The Crossbody

This single-strap-style purse gets its name from the way it's worn. It lets the user go hands-free when traveling, running errands, going on social events, and other instances where essentials are as necessary as mobility. It can be worn at any time of the day or night (or a full 24 hours if it calls for it).

It comes in a plethora of textiles, shapes, and colorways, so getting more than one would likely be a smart idea.

The Evening Clutch

While these handheld pieces are usually accessories, formality can be anywhere from highly upscale to rather moderate. Weddings or balls will do well with a beaded evening clutch or one that has sequins all over it. Date night and happy hour situations, however, will do better with more subtle designs.

Some of them can serve as wallets, while others come with detachable shoulder straps.

The Satchel

In order to carry this purse around, it comes with a long shoulder strap or two short handles. They're generally within the medium size range. Looks-wise, it can be likened to a briefcase, though it's more of a soft-sided one. That comes from how sturdy it generally is, with a handsome look as well. 

It can usually fit a laptop, books, or magazines. Students will benefit from this, but so will professionals who are looking to put together a particularly chic look. Leather that's high-quality and smooth will work wonders for this.

The Shoulder Bag

As the name suggests, it's worn by the strap being slung over a person's shoulder. It can come in multiple sizes, but the gist is that it holds essentials (phone, wallet, keys, alcohol or sanitizer, and the like) plus some other items. Functionality is a key feature of this particular purse. These are easily one of the most known, loved, and used handbag types out there. 

Both casual and professional settings are ideal for shoulder bag use. Finding one in a neutral color in either faux or genuine leather can be used for a wide variety of settings.

The Woven Basket Bag

Ever since the '60s when Jane Birkin made this a fashion statement, this style has gone from "in season" to "out of season" and vice-versa. It lends itself well to modern boho wardrobes. Pairing it with anything is a breeze, and it's the ideal choice for vacations.


Handbags are incredibly helpful for toting essentials and other things you might need while on the go. There are several types and styles available, depending on the situation at hand. Must-have purse types include the satchel, the crossbody, and the woven basket bag.

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