Swimsuit 101: How to Find the Right Swimwear for Your Body


Finding the right type of swimwear for your body takes some time and patience. There are many styles available in the market today, but with the abundance of options, it could be a struggle to find the perfect bathing suits for you. 

If you are struggling to find the perfect one, here are some tips that you can keep in mind during your search:

Upper Body

Your upper body helps determine what swimwear would be most suitable for your body type. If you have a smaller bust, you could use additional padding or lifts. You can also add more curves by wearing bathing suits with horizontal stripes and ruffles.

If you have a fuller bust, you will need more upper-body support and coverage. A safe bet is a swimsuit with thick straps. You can also go for a one-piece with an underwire so that you will stay safe and stylish while you’re on the beach or by the pool. If you want to have a minimal look on top, you can opt for a high-neck swimsuit instead.


Another part of your body that determines what will look most flattering is your torso. If you have a short torso, you want to choose bathing suits that create the illusion of an elongated frame. You can wear a one-piece swimsuit with vertical or asymmetrical blocks of color, creating a more extended look. A high-neck swimwear would also be suitable for you since it draws the eye upward.

Those with long torsos would want to “break” their bodies into proportions to achieve the illusion of a shorter silhouette. Many styles can help you shorten your torso’s length. Some swimwear that would look great on you includes a tankini top and bikini bottom that come in vibrant shades. You should also avoid bottoms with straight lines across the hips since they could make your torso look longer. Always choose higher cuts too.

Overall Body Shape

When you’re choosing bathing suits, think of which areas you want to show off and which ones you would like to conceal. You can easily achieve your desired silhouette with the right swimwear. If your hips are smaller than your upper body, you should bring the eye downward to achieve a balanced look. To do so, you can wear an eye-catching bottom. An excellent alternative to traditional bikini bottoms would be swim skirt bottoms.

If your hips are wider than your upper body, then you should draw the attention upward. To achieve this, you can wear a top with significant detail, such as vibrant patterns or strategic accents. A good example would be a bold floral top and a dark, solid bottom.

For those who are balanced both on the top and bottom, you can always accentuate your waistline to emphasize your curves. Go for this definition by wearing feature accents at the waist like strategic draping or wide belts. Avoid solid colors since they would not help you achieve the defined line that you want.

If your tummy is wide or on the larger side, you can achieve a slimmer look by adding definition to your waist. Some swimsuits are specially made to control the tummy area. They have feature details placed at the waist or are made from skimming fabrics to help you achieve your desired look.


Finding the right swimwear for you can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you know what looks best for your body type, you will have no issue buying the most suitable bathing suit.

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