What to Consider When Turning Your Winter Closet to Spring


Although we may still be in the midst of winter, it's starting to get less cold. Thus, it’s time to start planning what your spring wardrobe should be like. Considering that the season of sunshine and blossoms is considerably different from snow and fireplaces, іt's easy to understand why one should change certain styles of clothes to better fit the warmer months.

However, it's important to balance the practicality with a bit of fashion. You still need to look good even with a change in your clothes, after all. Here's what you should consider before making the switch from your winter closet into a spring one:

1) Color

Winter colors typically consist of warmer and more neutral colors such as brown, navy blue, grey, and black. White is also a popular favorite, especially when there's a white Christmas around that time of year. These colors are typically associated with a more laidback feel too.

While they are amazing, it's not typically something that you should bring into the newer season. For a more daring and fashion-forward look, go for brighter spring colors of green, blue, yellow, and light pink. Pastels shades are simply perfect for spring.

2) Pattern

The pattern plays an important role in giving your look a little more pizzazz. Although given that winter is a bit quieter and mellow, there are more patterns in that season compared to spring. There are the zig-zags, animal print, and more.

Move the Christmas sweaters away and get some floral patterns to easily jazz up your look in spring. Dots and polka dots are also great for the warmer season, while patternless clothes also have their own personal charm.

3) Length

Winter tends to be longer than spring. However, it's good to invest in longer dresses and skirts for springtime. Not only do these hold up better, but they are also more flattering for plenty of body types while being uncomplicated to wear.

Longer lengths are typically less restrictive than skinnier ones, and they can look quite appealing. As long as you're mindful of how thick the material is, such bottoms can be more comfortable to use in the warmer months.

4) Clothing Texture

Winter clothing is made of wool and other materials that keep you warm and snug. The fabric is absolutely comfortable, and it may be a little hard to part ways with such material. However, it's best to explore and seek out more textures if you want to switch things up this spring.

Consider changing your winter clothes for a bit of cotton and silk. In spring, the weather is already warmer. There's no need to bundle up or seek clothes to shield you from the cold anymore, so explore and get lighter clothes.

5) Clothing Pieces

Winter fashion is typically more practical due to the cold. Suits, woolen coats, and endless quilted jackets are some of the most common pieces seen іn winter. However, as mentioned above, the season change entails a temperature change as well.

Spring fashion has a sharper and slim look, so look for adorable clothing pieces to suit this. Plenty of spring-style lovers adore wearing skinny pants and jeans. Go for other classic, elegant, and unique blouses or tops as well.


Regardless of whether it's winter or spring, it’s a must to look fashionable while feeling cozy. Take the factors above into consideration and be smart with your transition from your winter wardrobe into a spring one.

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