The Best Color Palette for Plus-Sized Fashion


Dark colors and brocade fabric, loose silhouettes and vertical lines – no doubt, women with higher weight should not be limited with these "slimming illusion" trends. However, you have to remember that this does not mean that you have to always look for bright, cheerful and light dresses. 

The opposite is also true: bright colors and decorative prints perfectly match with the extra pounds. The best starting point for finding the right color palette that can illuminate your figure: shed off the idea that you need to look slender as you can always achieve a stylish look, no matter the size. 

Nonetheless, it's good to have an idea of how you can mix and match your clothing's colors, so take a look at the tips below for your closet makeover. 

1. Pale Blue and Pink Colors

Wearing pale blue and pink colors can do wonders for highlighting your curves. Pastel shades and neutral colors can really work magic – the only things you need to do is getting the right fit and don't go overboard with accessories.

If you love wearing darker hues, you can still wear them, as long as you wear brighter colors as an accent. An easy trick is wearing jeans with a plain dress shirt, and with matching flats.

2. Red and Blue Colors

Red and blue are two colors that can give your body length and emphasize your curves. Any shade of red and blue will work, but make sure that you wear the right shade. For light-skinned women, yellow-based reds, burgundy, and deep blues will complement your complexion. If you have darker skin, then go for blue-based reds, light pinks, and soft blues.

3. Tan and Maroon Colors

Tan and maroon colors are great for adding warmth to your skin color. You can wear it during the winter and fall seasons. The trick is to wear tan-colored clothes with maroon accessories. For instance, wear tan pants with a maroon blazer, shoes, or handbag. Alternatively, you can wear a maroon waistcoat with tan pants.

4. Orange and Black Colors

Orange and black can work for anyone who's looking for something to give power to your figure. These colors are great for evening wear and are a perfect complement to your skin. Wear an orange dress with a black blazer or a black dress with orange accessories. 

5. Purple and Coral Colors

Purple and coral colors are a match made in heaven. These colors will bring out your best features and highlight your eyes, forehead, cheeks, and neck. This is a perfect combination if you're looking for something refreshing and elegant.

Purple and clear orange are bright colors, so you have to watch out for the number of accessories you wear with your outfit.

The Bottom Line: Adding a Pop of Color to Your Plus-Sized Outfits

You can be unique and stylish with your plus-sized outfits, the key is to know how to mix and match colors that complement your skin tone and personality. 

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