2022 Fashion Trends: What You Should Expect This Year


Most of us are waiting for this year’s red carpet events. We get a glimpse of what is fashionable during these occasions, but you can also look at the previous month to see something stylish. The runway’s psychedelic theme might inspire you.

Many people have the erroneous notion that fashionable clothes are not practical. You can prove them wrong with stylish yet comfortable loungewear. Actual models are seen in the street wearing clothes that give bridal vibes or perhaps bra tops and catsuits.

If you feel nostalgic, this year may present a pleasant surprise for you. Designers are leaning toward 2000 for inspiration and are redefining silhouettes. This trend allows us to wear throwback favorites, like pedal pushers and dresses over pants.

You want a head start on shopping, so you should continue reading this article. This piece will lay out this year’s fashion forecast. 

Laurel Canyon Kids

If you recently purchased comfortable loungewear, you might notice the overwhelming psychedelic prints or sunset-colored. Local designers take their cue from Gabriela Hearts and Givenchy or the dusk-hued knits from Isabel Marant and Paco Rabanne. These colors take us back to the lovefest of the hippies.

It would be best if you were wary of taking a step too far. This trend is more on the colors because the shapes, proportions, and weaving techniques are different from the bygone era. The fusion creates a distinct look that is only for the modern woman.

Ab Fab

Designers are pushing us to ask ourselves why we have to cover our belly buttons instead of showing them off. This trend might result from the age of virtual workouts, which pushed fashion icons to show midriffs. They may have taken their cue from Y2K schoolgirl prep at Miu Miu or the 1960s brights at Max Mara. Their goal is to show off your abs.

Business School Dropout

Dolce & Gabbana, LaQuan Smith, Michael Kors, and Fendi are top of this trend. They understood that suits should be paired with bras and bikini tops. Perhaps, they found inspiration from the sudden shift in working arrangements where many were forced to work from home. 

These designers realized that there should be something different when we go back to our physical office. In response, they challenged us to make things sexier by pairing suits with bras. By allowing ourselves to follow their lead, we make a statement of our own. 

Dresses over Pants

The psychedelic prints on our comfortable loungewear are not the only aspects that pay homage to the bygone years. Fashion icons make us feel nostalgic by bringing back dresses over pants, which were reintroduced on the runway. What is great about this is that there is no rule for this look. 

You merely have to throw a dress over your pants. Silhouettes, occasions, or styles do not restrict your choices.


You may take your cue from fashion icons, but you should remember that there is nothing more extraordinary than a confident woman. You can wear outdated yet comfortable loungewear, but you might still feel incredibly amazing. That is what will make you into an icon.

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