The 8 Best Tops for You to Wear underneath Your Blazer

woman wearing a blazer

Blazers are an absolutely gorgeous piece of clothing. If you look too casual, throwing on a blazer would quickly spice up your look. In fact, the art of layering with blazers has become so popular because blazers are so easy to pair with.

So whether you want to look chic, professional, fun, elegant, or something else, blazers are an easy solution. Here we have compiled a list of tops to layer under your blazer.

1. Sleeveless Top

This is the most classic choice for layering with a blazer. A printed sleeveless top can give a fun look, and throwing a blazer on top makes it more formal. Plus, it protects you from the cold, or if you get too hot, you can easily take off the blazer.

2. T-Shirts

Another favorite by many, a t-shirt under a blazer is an excellent chic look. It screams smart casual because it looks clean, but it does not look too overdressed or underdressed. T-shirts under blazers can be worn at more formal occasions like a wedding or work. Just make sure the colors match, and you should be good to go.

3. Bralette Top

Bralettes have gone back in style recently that almost every woman wears them. A bralette with a blazer on top of it is such an adventurous look that just empowers the wearer. This look is all about being chic, and it will take a lot of confidence to pull off.

4. Turtlenecks

Nothing is classier and more professional than a turtleneck right under a blazer. A turtleneck on its own already looks elegant enough, but pair it with a blazer, and you will be rocking the executive look. You can wear this for more formal corporate occasions or if your office calls for a professional look in its dress code.

5. Waistcoats

For a more unique look, you can pair your blazer with a waistcoat. It looks elegant, which could be great for a formal party. If you want a unique look that will still be amazing and eye-catching, then go for a waistcoat right under a blazer.

6. Wrap Top

Wrap tops look absolutely gorgeous on their own but can give a more messy look. The diagonal lines can put your look all over the place, especially if it is a printed wrap top. However, if you pair it up with a blazer, the lines will be balanced out, creating a more classy and elegant look.

7. Camisoles

Camisoles are very dainty and pretty. With their intricate designs, they are more sensual and usually are worn in a more intimate setting. However, gone are the days when camisoles are just worn to sleep. Bust out your laciest camisole and use a blazer to layer it to achieve a sexy but very dainty look.

8. Blouses

A classic look that can be easily pulled off regardless of the event and venue is a  blouse under a blazer. A blouse is softer and daintier than a t-shirt, making it perfect to contrast the minimalist blazer.


Blazers are so easy to work with and fun to layer. They can make any look more complete, and because they are versatile, they can be worn to almost any occasion. Just make sure to pair it with the right top like those on our list.

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