Tips When Looking for the Ideal Yoga Wear for Beginners

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Are you new to yoga? Choosing suitable yoga wear may be overwhelming if you are just beginning. There is a variety of women's sportswear, such as sports bras, shorts, leggings, shirts, etc., to choose from.

Don't stress out on the day of your yoga class. This article will run you through the various factors you will need to consider when choosing the appropriate outfit for yoga.

Look For Breathable Fabrics

The best yoga wear for women should be made of breathable, lightweight, and non-restrictive fabrics.

Many of us mistakenly associate breathable with loose. However, this may not be comfortable when you are doing yoga. Clothes that are too loose or too tight may get in the way of specific asanas or postures.

Go for clothes that are breathable and are just the right fit. You can opt for fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, and linen.

Don't Forget the Elastics to Help When You Stretch

Although you need coverage, yoga routines also require you to move your body into many different positions. It is helpful to go for yoga wear with elastics to give you extra support and coverage without restricting your movement. 

The elasticity of the fabric will help make movements fluid and will not restrict your movement when you do the poses. There are stretchable shirts for both men and women that hug the torso. There are also tops with built-in bras ideal for women.

Go For Pants That Support You

Do you prefer wearing leggings, capris, or shorts? You can go for the length of the pants most comfortable for you. However, the essential factor you should consider is the elastic waistband of your yoga pants.

Go for pants that conform to your body shape the best. There are yoga pants with foldable waits that can give you more comfort and warmth.

Harmonize Your Colors

Yoga is a combination of your mind, body, and spirit. Choosing the right combination of colors that reflect your energy, fitness level, and personality is essential. You may opt for neutral shades of black, beige, white, blue, or gray. However, you can also go for whatever color you find most calming and aesthetically pleasing.

There are also various design details like prints and embroidery you can choose from.

Consider the Time and Season

You may require different types of yoga wear depending on the time and season you practice. Certain times, seasons, and yoga centers can be colder than others. You may want to add some layers to protect yourself from the chill.

You can go for a lightweight sweatshirt over a tank top for additional warmth. If it is too warm, you can simply remove the sweatshirt for better comfort.

If you are in a warmer area or practicing in a warmer season, it is better to go for light and breathable materials instead.

Other Places You Can Wear Your Yoga Wear

You may already notice women's athletic wear popping up in casual office settings, people doing errands at the grocery, or even when picking up kids at school. Yoga is usually practiced to relieve stress from a busy work lifestyle. People may insert their yoga classes within a work or errand day.

Many people can also go to work while wearing yoga pants—not on its own, of course. You may style it with an A-line, tunic, or loose sheath dress to give you a smart casual look, ready to head to your yoga class later.

Yoga wear is also comfortable if you are a work-from-home entrepreneur or are heading to pick up the kids.


When it comes to yoga wear, you should think about your comfort first. Yoga wear helps give you comfort and support during the practice. If you are looking for suitable yoga wear, make sure to consider the factors we mentioned in this article.

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