Our Ultimate Style Guide for Parties and Tricky Dress Codes

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Dressing up can be extremely fun, but when you're faced with confusing dress codes, it can make you scratch your head more than once. While cocktail parties can be a mainstay in your social calendar, it might be a shock to have been invited to black tie events or "outdoor elegant" parties. Trust us—you're not alone in this, that's why we're here to help. 

Dressing up for events shouldn't be rocket science. However, some events are very particular about their dress code, making it incredibly tricky for most people. With that being said, how should you follow these prompts, and what should you do?

If you're frantically looking for an outfit in the women's clothing section, don't panic. In this article, we'll give you a breakdown of every dress code and what you should keep in mind so you can find the perfect outfit for the occasion. Let's dive in!

Black Tie

Black tie events focus on formal wear, specifically tuxedos, and gowns. Traditionally, guests are required to wear something black during these events; however, many have modernized the idea and allowed festive colors in dresses and separates. 

When shopping for a gown in the women's clothing section, you need to look for a dress to impress. Typically, these dresses should be floor-length, use luxurious fabrics, and have special elements, such as beading and laces. 

White Tie

White tie events are world-class events and are more formal than black-tie events. Usually, you need to be red-carpet-ready for these types of events, where you should be wearing a full-length evening gown with elegant designs and beadings. 

The best way to nail a white tie event look is to work with a tailor and make-up team to ensure you're world-class, red-carpet-ready. 

Cocktail or Semi-Formal

You'd be happy to know that cocktail or semi-formal events would feel a little bit more relaxed. Here, you're allowed to play with your silhouette and colors, allowing you to work a shorter-length dress, maxi dress, or even easy separates. 

A fantastic tip to help you stand out during these events is choosing something more simple and adding a statement piece. To top it all off, your attitude and confidence add up to your overall look. 

Dressy Casual or Smart Casual

A dressy casual or smart casual look promotes something more laid back, but it’s polished enough that it can still apply to a professional setting such as networking events or someone's house party. In that regard, consider going with a classic and cleaner look that still shows a comfortable but elegant style. 

The Bottom Line: It Pays to Be Familiar with the Different Dress Codes

When you understand the difference in each dress code, you'll find it much easier to look for outfits and dresses for the occasion. So whether you're going to a house party or need to fix up for a white tie event, keep our tips in mind so you can feel confident looking for pieces at the women's clothing section. 

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