Spring and Summer Sportswear Trends for 2022


If you want to have a good workout session, it's not enough to have the drive and motivation to get fit. You also need to be dressed for the occasion. Having the right sportswear can help you exercise more comfortably and with absolute confidence. This spring and summer 2022, here are some of the fashion trends you need to watch out for when it comes to your favorite sportswear.

Colorful Shorts for Women

Remember the days when women wore only pastel shades for their shorts? That era is long gone now. Women's sportswear is getting more colorful, and brighter shades are starting to make their way into the best sportswear for women.

The reason for this is that more women are feeling more comfortable in their skin and with themselves. They are no longer afraid to show their personalities and wear more vibrant colors for their workout outfits.

If you are looking for the right summer outfit for your workout sessions, you might want to look into this newer trend.

Spiky Sport Shoes

Some women are more adventurous when it comes to their choice of shoes. If you are one of them, you can start wearing spiked sports shoes for your workout sessions.

There are multiple styles available for spiked sports shoes. Some of them have heels, and some of them don't. They are made from a variety of materials, too, making it easier for you to find the pair that matches your workout style.

Sporty Stripes and Plaids

It's a great time to wear your favorite plaid and stripes while you're at the gym. There are a lot of sportswear out there that are getting bolder in their patterns and colors.

Shirts and tops are no longer plain and boring. They are now more vibrant and have bolder designs. These patterns and colors match perfectly with the stripes and plaids that are now becoming more popular.

Striped shirts and tops can be worn with different colored bottoms and vice versa.

Short-Sleeved Shirts for Women

Women's activewear will never be the same again. The sleeveless shirt has been reinvented and is now a lot more fashionable. There are so many sleeveless shirts to choose from if you are buying your new workout gear. One of the most popular sleeveless shirts is the short sleeve ones.

They are easy to wear, and they look great with track pants or any workout pants. If you are looking for sleeveless shirts and tops, you can choose from a variety of colors and designs.

Bright and Colorful Sport Bras

Most women think that sports bras should be plain, black, and essential. But that's no longer the case. If you want to look good and feel good while you're at the gym, all you need to do is get a good sports bra that has vibrant colors and patterns.

Some sports bras have different colors in different sections of the bras. For example, you can have the upper part of the bra have a bright color while the rest is neutral.


The next time you go shopping for sportswear, focus on these trends to find exactly what you want. You'll be able to find designer workout gear that matches your needs and personality.

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