Choosing the Right Color Lingerie for Every Occasion


Some people view lingerie as nothing but a set of underwear. However, lingerie is more personal and intimate than that. Due to how sophisticated lingerie is, each set can send a different meaning.

When purchasing lingerie, you do not only look at the style and design. Color is one of the most critical factors. In this style guide, we teach you about what each lingerie color suggests.

1. Sensual Red

Red is a classic color in lingerie and one of the most popular ones. If you plan to channel your sensuality, red is your definite choice! It brings images of passion and fire to mind, something that is strong and daring yet almost off-limits. It gives an erotic message from a strong side of femininity.

2. Elegant Black

Black is somewhere up there, with red in the seductive category. However, the main difference is that black is not as strong as red. It gives more of an elegant and gentle vibe instead. It screams sophistication and almost something dark that could cause sorrow and pain. If you want a more chic look, black lingerie is for you.

3. Romantic Pink

Pink lingerie is perfect for a more romantic approach. Unlike red and black, pink lingerie is not there to seduce. Instead, it is more intimate in a romantic sense. Picture a bouquet or a handwritten note—this is the kind of romance that pink lingerie depicts. It does not scream bottles of wine or boxes of chocolate, rather giggles exchanged and holding hands while watching the sun go down. Pink lingerie is all about love, and if you want a touch of romance, you should go for it.

4. Confident Blue

Blue is not a popular choice for lingerie, but it is a stunning color. When choosing the color blue, it is almost like you are selecting lingerie, not for anyone else to see. Rather, it is your choice to be more confident and empower yourself. Nothing is more self-assuring than the calming color that blue gives off.

5. Pure White

The perfect image of purity and innocence, white, is for those just about to unlock a different world and explore. It's sexy in this pure way that many people are attracted to. White does not mean you are clueless. Rather, it means that you only see things in a cleaner way than others. Nothing is more delicate and timeless than white lace trimmings on lingerie.

6. Youthful Yellow

The color of playfulness and yellow lingerie represents a youthful vibe. Yellow screams that you are here to have fun and just enjoy your time. It's not usually a color chosen for intimacy, but yellow can also be sexy.

7. Natural Green

The color of nature and the outdoors, green is an excellent color for the natural and outdoorsy woman. If you love the outdoors, you'll love this color. It's fresh and light and gives off a sense of fun and adventure. It's for someone who wants to be free and enjoy life to the fullest.


It is always a good idea to know the meaning behind lingerie. When wearing it, whether for yourself or a partner, you need to know how it makes you look to the world. Lingerie is not just about taking off your clothes, though! It is about the confidence you can portray with each piece.

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