Loungewear: Why It’s Become the Latest Trend in Fashion

Loungewear: Why It’s Become the Latest Trend in Fashion - Bou N' u

When the global pandemic hit, life all over the world changed as we know it. Understandably so, of course, since it made all the difference in terms of health. Social distancing and remote work became normal. Working from home went from a luxury to a necessity for many. 

When was the last time you put on slacks and a blazer or something like it for the office? Chances are it's been a year. You're not alone; thousands of people work in the comfort of their PJs.

Virus or not, fashion continues to morph and evolve. Sustainability saw a new uptick, alongside a few other things. One of the trends that came about was loungewear.

The Loungewear Trend 

It looks like loungewear is going to be around for a while. This year, it's gone beyond something that's generally worn at home. Loungewear is a great place to determine the balance between comfort and sophistication. Even pajamas and track pants can be worn outside the four walls of your home. The whole point is to seem as comfortable and effortless as possible while exuding style.

Read on to learn more about why loungewear has become the latest trend in fashion: 

1. Loungewear Allows for Productivity While Looking Composed 

The world is slowly starting to open back up, with some people resuming office work. However, the majority of people in the working world globally are still under remote circumstances. Part of dressing up is the psychological benefit that involves more optimism, confidence, and even productivity. Heels and a crisp, long-sleeved shirt aren't in order just yet, though. A nice top that's on-trend without being any less comfortable than a casual shirt would be ideal for many during calls. 

2. Loungewear Brings a Whole New Meaning to Comfortable Fashion

While it may seem quite obvious, it's worth noting that from the name alone, loungewear is generally meant for lounging. Fabrics that generally mold to the body and have a softness to them are used for these clothes. Chic coziness makes up the bottom line of these clothes. Looking put together while being comfortable was once deemed tough, but loungewear manages to strike that perfect balance.  

This is where the likes of cashmere jeans come in, alongside material used for sweatshirts used for blouses. The standard cotton t-shirt falls under this. Other types of cotton that are breathable and light are also seen in the typical loungewear. 

3. Loungewear Is Great for the Sustainability Movement 

Designs that are of good quality will be far more than just a fad. Sustainability and slow fashion is finally entering the loungewear space as well. There are many fabrics to choose from, such as linens, wool, and organic cotton, among others.  

Long gone are the days when people would associate slow fashion with clothes that eventually look frumpy or get awfully outdated. Today's loungewear can be eco-friendly and easy to wear for both work and relaxation. 


Given the global pandemic, loungewear is more popular than ever. It's a balance between what's on-trend and what's comfortable, primarily ideal for those who work from home. Loungewear is on trend because it's great for the sustainability movement, brings a whole new meaning to comfortable fashion, and allows for productivity while looking composed.

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