Here’s How to Weave a Christmas Jumper into Your Style

christmas sweater

Nowadays, the Christmas jumper is a staple of the festive season and has many reasons to be popular. All of us are prone to nostalgia, and there is something quite pleasing about being around people wearing the same thing that you are. It may be the kind of thing your parents or grandparents might have worn, but it is also something they truly, really treasured in their era. It is certainly a mark of distinction.

The Background

Jumpers have never really gone away since their initial popularity in the 1930s, but what we wear them for has changed. In the 1950s and 1960s, the cozy jumpers were favored for indoor pursuits, watching TV, and reading the paper. They would also be worn to bed! 

The 1970s was a turning point for the jumper, as a fashion statement. In the 80s, the jumper was a key fashion statement for both sexes. 

Understandably, some people mix it up with sweaters. Fundamentally, they're the same, though the latter is far thicker and generally meant for freezing winters.

Read on to learn more about making the Christmas jumper a key part of your personal style instead of having them clash:

1. Glam It Up

Sometimes, a jumper can actually go under something else and get twisted for chic purposes. Wear it under a pajama suit paired with statement earrings and ankle boots for a party. Doing it this way also allows it to lend itself to people whose styles are more neutral, casual, and decidedly minimalist.

2. Let It Go

Bright, vibrant Christmas jumpers are the perfect excuse to go nuts. Too afraid to wear the yellow denim jacket a well-meaning aunt gave you? Pull it out for the holidays and pair it with your jumper! Don't be afraid to take risks and live in the moment, using the Christmas jumper as a centerpiece.

3. Mix and Match

Christmas jumpers can be the quirky, oversized addition to an otherwise pulled-together look. Consider getting an XXL one or something clearly too big for you and pair it with the likes of kitten heels. They can tie in with other footwear even after the holiday season, like trainers in spring or ankle boots in the fall.

4. Scandinavian Styling

A rising trend in "Scandi style" from areas like Copenhagen is layering jumpers. Pairing that with a simple boot and pants with a straight leg will work wonders. Neutral colors are best for this, but if you're the kind of person that loves a pop of color, go right ahead and play it up!

5. Throwback to the '90s

Chunky boots rose in the 1990s, and they never really went away after. This makes them the perfect pairing for your Christmas jumper, since it's got texture and can add a great pop of color, too. Think about getting a high-waisted skirt to combine everything for a really sweet homage to the '90s.


The Christmas jumper has been around for a long time, and it's not going away soon. While fundamentally the same as a sweater, they're slightly different. Weave a Christmas jumper into your personal style with Scandinavian styling, by glamming it up, and mixing and matching. 

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