3 Tips on How to Rework Your Wardrobe for the Office

3 Tips on How to Rework Your Wardrobe for the Office - Bou N' u

After so many months stuck at home, many of us are just now out and about at our original workplaces. Unfortunately, this type of prior remote treatment has made many of us feel a little more nervous about picking the clothes we wear. After all, at home, no one cares what you wear. However, now that you can go back out, not only do you have to remind yourself of your daily morning routines before the pandemic, but now, your wardrobe might be out of date!

How do you solve this problem? By following the tips we're going to share below:

1. Start Cleaning

No, we're not telling you to clean your wardrobe because it is dirty. Instead, we're telling you to purge your closet of all the old clothes. That said, you don't have to clean out everything. A good rule of thumb to follow is to look for clothes you haven't worn in a year or two. If that's the case, remove it. Do this so that you can have more space to invest in clothes that are trendier and brand-new! 

On that note, if you still love some of your old clothes, feel free to keep them. You might be able to implement them in a trendy way, and you can mix and match them with your new clothes.

 2. Follow a Recipe

Now that your wardrobe is a little more empty, it is time to fill it back up. However, don't just go out and purchase the first set of clothes you find. Create a "recipe," a combination of items you can wear in different forms. For example, you can opt for that t-shirt jean combo, and you can purchase clothes accordingly. 

Keep in mind that a "recipe" isn’t a must-have. However, it does serve well as a guideline to what kind of clothes you'd like. As such, simply look at your favourite wear and see what goes well with it!

 3. Know What's Trendy

Another way to understand what to purge from your closet and what to purchase is to realize what the trend is. For example, before the pandemic, you might have had a strict dress code that you had to follow. Now, it might just be that business culture has become a lot more relaxed and casual, so you can now purchase more casual clothes for work. Of course, you shouldn't go all out, and what we mean is that you shouldn't be wearing your yoga pants to work.

With that in mind, don't forget about the "essentials" as well. These include white sneakers, black blazers, black dresses, jeans, and the like. Many of these items can be worn with many other clothing items, and they can be your go-tos should you have no idea what to wear for that day!


By following our tips, you'll have no problems clearing your wardrobe from the old and invest in the new clothes that you will be more than happy to wear to work or play. That being said, when buying clothes, we only recommend purchasing high-quality clothing. You wouldn't want to be called out for wearing cheap clothes, and you definitely wouldn't want to be replacing cheap clothes often. As such, invest in higher quality clothes. They may be a little more pricy, but they sure look great and will last a long time! Plus, you just feel much more confident when wearing quality clothes, something you’ll need when finally heading out.

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